A simple to use morse code encoding and decoding application.

Supports the ISO basic latin characters, the Arabic numerals and a set of punctuation.


  • Convert your text to morse code
  • Decode morse code (from text and from sound)
  • Display a list of morse codes and the corresponding alphanumeric character
  • Set your own speed (words per minute) (3 – 25 WPM)
  • Use Farnsworth timing
  • Add morse code widgets to your homescreen  (each widget with its own text and action [flash/beep/vibrate])
  • Manual signaling

You can do the following with the converted morse code:

  • Copy morse code to clipboard
  • Use the camera flash to send morse code
  • Make the phone play the morse code as beeps
  • Make the phone vibrate the morse code
  • Share the code with any app you like
  • Listen to morse code and let the app decode it in real-time
  • Practice by signaling in manual mode


Get it on Google Play

Lite version:

There’s also a free version of the app with some limitations. For example you are limited to two signal speeds (5 or 10 WPM). The text to be converted can be maximum 100 characters long. Real-time decoding is limited to 3 WPM and 1 min. Full manual signaling is disabled.

Get it on Google Play

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